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AlumNet FAQ

General questions

What is AlumNet?
AlumNet is a website which helps Buckingham alumni to stay in touch with the University and with each other. It also allows students approaching graduation to get involved with the alumni community and to build relationships which will help them along their chosen career path. Our diverse alumni body stretches around the globe and so AlumNet is the perfect place for its members to come together for business and pleasure.

Why has AlumNet changed?
On 23 February 2004 we re-launched AlumNet with a new look and a host of new features. This was in response to suggestions from our alumni who were keen to use AlumNet for careers networking and to make social contacts. Building on their ideas, and with input from our Publicity, Web, Marketing and Careers staff, we have created a site which we hope exceeds their expectations. If you have any comments about AlumNet please contact

Am I eligible to become a member of AlumNet?
You can join AlumNet if you are an alumnus (graduate) of the University of Buckingham or if you are a final year student at Buckingham.

I'm a student member of AlumNet. Why can't I access all the pages on AlumNet?
Student members of AlumNet can access more pages than the general public but do not have access to as many pages as alumni. The pages you don't have access to are not yet relevant to you. Don't worry - you'll become a fully fledged alumni member when you graduate.

What are the benefits of joining AlumNet?
Members of AlumNet enjoy the following:

  • Careers advice from the University's Careers Officers.
  • The chance to become a careers mentor to a younger AlumNet member or to find a mentor for yourself.
  • Publicity for your business in the “Featured Business” section.
  • The opportunity to rekindle old friendships through the alumni search facility.
  • Access to information about potential business contacts who are all Buckingham alumni.
  • An all-new discussion board.
  • Involvement in a diverse community of friendly, international people who may well become close friends or valuable business associates.

How can I join AlumNet?
Simply fill in the AlumNet application form and we'll contact you with your password and username.

How can I help the University of Buckingham?
We are delighted to find that many alumni are keen to know how they can help the University and its students and alumni. We would also be very grateful to any alumnus who can assist us by:

Questions about the content of the site

Where has the information from the old version of AlumNet gone?
All the information is still on AlumNet. Please follow the following links to find it. Remember to update your favourites (bookmarks).

I'd like to set up a business relationship with a Buckingham graduate because I know I can trust a fellow alumnus. How can I make contact?
Our Business Search allows you to search for alumni in business. You must join AlumNet before you can use the search.

I'd like to get in touch with a friend who I have lost contact with. Can I do this on AlumNet?
You can use the AlumNet member search to try and find your friend. You must join AlumNet before you can use the search.

I'm at the start of my career and would find it useful to speak to an alumnus who has an established career in my field. Can AlumNet help?
Our mentoring programme is a way of linking people like yourself to more experienced alumni. AlumNet's mentoring pages describe the programme and allow you to apply online to be put in touch with a mentor.

Questions about security and privacy

If I join AlumNet will other members be able to find out all my details?
No. Not all fields on the joining form are compulsory so you can withhold certain pieces of information about yourself (such as details of your career or business). In addition to this you can select a privacy level that suits you. If you do not want other alumni to be able to contact you except through the Alumni Office you can choose the highest privacy level.

Find out more about our dedication to a secure and private site in our privacy policy.

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